MFSB Yard Sale event CANCELLED

Sadly, due to low response, we have cancelled our Community Yard Sale event that was scheduled for Saturday 09/22/18.

Still want to support MFSB’s lobbying efforts even though this event wasn’t for you? Please click on the CONTRIBUTE button to the right!

MFSB will still be participating in the Birth and Babies Fair on Sunday, September 30 and we are planning another online auction event for November, so please stay tuned for how more about how you can participate in that exciting fundraiser!

Thank you!

Online Auction a Big Success in 2018

Maryland Familes for Safe Birth would like to thank everyone who participated in our first-ever online auction recently.  Thanks to the amazing generosity of all the birth-related practitioners, businesses, and individuals who donated over 50 items for the auction, and all those in our community who bid on those items, we were able to raise more than $3,900 for MFSB!

And if you missed out on the auction but still want to help support MFSB, you can always make a donation via the Rally link on this page.  Your donations help us continue the behind-the-scenes work that we are doing to prepare for the next legislative session and keep moving forward on expanding birth options and making birth safer for all families in Maryland.

Update on House Joint Resolution 10: Decreasing Surgical Births

“FOR the purpose of recognizing certain benefits conferred on women who give birth and their babies by lowering the rate of surgical births; encouraging providers of maternity care to support and promote nonoperative vaginal births by providing to individuals certain resources and information; urging certain State agencies to share certain information with parents for a certain purpose and  encourage and support certain choices with certain practices; and generally relating to the health of women and children and decreasing surgical births.”  

Thank you to all who made calls, emails, and submitted testimony in support of House Joint Resolution 10: Decreasing Surgical Births! The importance of this issue is being heard, and the March 5 hearing on our resolution was a big first step in the process. Although the resolution did not make it out of committee this time, our lobbyist has continued to bring this before the House for ongoing exposure and education. We will keep moving forward in advocating for these changes.

Read the full text of House Joint Resolution 10 HERE.

First Savers FunDrive a big success!

We want to thank everyone who participated in our Fall 2017 Savers FunDrive!

Savers thrift store helps nonprofits by running fundraisers that pay the non profit per the weight of items collected. For two months we collected bags and boxes of gently used items at drop-off spots all over Maryland. We had volunteers in Baltimore, Hampstead, Annapolis, Catonsville, Hancock, Frederick, and Hagerstown hosting drop-off sites.

At the end of the eight weeks we consolidated all of the items in Annapolis to be ready for the grand pick-up, and we want to once again give a big shout-out of appreciation for the time and energy of all of the generous volunteers who drove vans full of bags to our final location. The board then filled an entire box truck with items and it was taken to Savers for the final weigh in.

The grand total weight for all of the items was 4,689 pounds which raised us nearly $700! And all of that was from bags and objects that people would have gotten rid of.

We plan on hosting similar fundraisers in the future. Like and follow our Facebook page or join our Facebook group to find out when and see what you can do!

Frederick Birth & Babies Fair 2017

Maryland Families for Safe Birth was proud to participate in this year’s Frederick Birth & Babies Fair, held on October 1, 2017. Well over 1,000 people attended the fair and MFSB was able to speak one-on-one with about 50 people. We signed up a number of new supporters, accepted donations, sold several T-shirts, and held a successful raffle. Thanks to all who stopped by and encouraged us in our continued work!