Meet the MFSB Board of Directors

Kirra Brandon, President/Legislative Director:  Kirra has been a member of the MFSB Board of Directors for the past three years.  She has a BA in Biology from Harvard University, and received her MD from University of Maryland Medical School.  Kirra practices pediatric dermatology in Easton, MD.  She has five daughters.  Her oldest child was born via c-section, and her younger four daughters were born at home with the assistance of CPMs.  Kirra wants to see Maryland become a state in which all families have maternity care options, and are supported in making their own decisions about their care.

Jennifer Manning, Vice President:  Jennifer holds an AS degree in Legal Studies from Anne Arundel Community College and is currently working towards attending law school at the University of Baltimore.  Jennifer is a paralegal for a personal injury law firm in Laurel, MD.  She has one son.  Jennifer wants to see women and families in Maryland be informed and know their options about their care throughout labor and delivery.  She has been on the MFSB Board of Directors since 2021.

Evelyn Fielding, Secretary/Outreach Director:  As Outreach Director, Evie is continuing the amazing work of Celia Garcia Perez and the Outreach Team in building Coalition MFSB! She has actively supported MFSB since 2012 and strongly believes in promoting education about childbirth options and informed choice.  Her vision is to improve access to midwifery care for families of all backgrounds and to bridge the gaps between out-of-hospital maternity care and the medical system.  The individualized, unhurried and relationship-focused care she received from midwives was transformative.  She is a mother and a clinical psychologist in private practice.

Jennifer Chaffee has been supporting MFSB since 2012 and has been a member of the MFSB Board of Directors since Fall of 2018.  She has a BS and MS in Applied Mathematics and works as a mathematician at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, MD.  Dissatisfied with her limited birth options in 2009, Jennifer worked with a CPM who guided her through a successful homebirth of twin girls.  Her positive birth experience inspired her to become an advocate for improved understanding of and expanded access to maternity care options.

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