2021 Legislative Session Wrap-up and 2022 Session Preview

The 2022 legislative session is right around the corner.  Here’s a summary of the progress we made in 2021 and what we’re looking forward to in this upcoming session!

In the 2021 legislative session, MFSB supported a bill which would expand the scope of Direct Entry Midwives to include caring for women with a prior cesarean.  This is the standard of care in the majority of states where Direct Entry Midwives practice legally.   This bill is in line with our mission to expand access to evidence-based maternity care in all birth settings.

The bill was sponsored by Delegate Cullison and received broad support in the legislature and in critical legislative committees.  While the bill ultimately did not move forward to a vote in the 2021 session, the Direct Entry Midwifery advisory committee within the Board of Nursing was tasked with evaluating the bill, gathering stakeholder input and making recommendations.  This is a positive step towards a successful vote in the 2022 session, especially since the Board of Nursing supported the bill in 2021!

The 2022 bill will be nearly identical to the bill from 2021, with the addition of a standardized VBAC-specific informed consent.

Looking to the future, we would like to work on a bill to address transparency of maternity care data.  This type of data should be available and easily accessibly to the general public so that families can make informed decisions about their care.

There are SO many other areas of maternity care that could be improved through legislation (insurance coverage, access to doulas, improved informed consent processes, etc.) and we would love to hear any and all ideas that you have.  
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