We want to thank everyone who participated in our Fall 2017 Savers FunDrive!

Savers thrift store helps nonprofits by running fundraisers that pay the non profit per the weight of items collected. For two months we collected bags and boxes of gently used items at drop-off spots all over Maryland. We had volunteers in Baltimore, Hampstead, Annapolis, Catonsville, Hancock, Frederick, and Hagerstown hosting drop-off sites.

At the end of the eight weeks we consolidated all of the items in Annapolis to be ready for the grand pick-up, and we want to once again give a big shout-out of appreciation for the time and energy of all of the generous volunteers who drove vans full of bags to our final location. The board then filled an entire box truck with items and it was taken to Savers for the final weigh in.

The grand total weight for all of the items was 4,689 pounds which raised us nearly $700! And all of that was from bags and objects that people would have gotten rid of.

We plan on hosting similar fundraisers in the future. Like and follow our Facebook page or join our Facebook group to find out when and see what you can do!