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Current Focus

Our New Structure
We realize that for too long we have been unable to mobilize the numbers of people we need to be effective. So starting immediately we are launching TEAM MFSB. This is where you come in. We need help. We are not asking for a large commitment from anyone. We have jobs that are large and small. We want you to feel like you can take part in our organization without having to sacrifice all of your free time or make too big of a commitment.

We are asking you to join one of three teams. These teams are meeting via conference call once or twice a month depending on activity level and circumstances. You can become a part of the conversation and choose to only volunteer for things in which you wish to be involved and for which you have time, while being kept abreast of what is taking place. You can add your voice to the team. Your commitment will be a few phone calls a month and any additional help you can give.

The teams are:

  • Legislative Team: Works to prepare for the next General Assembly. Gathering VBAC information to be prepared for the summer work sessions. Lobby in Annapolis.
  • Events Team: Plans four (4) events across the state. Helps the Team Leader plan kids' games, entertainment, fundraising, location planning, refreshments, etc.
  • Outreach: Works to find businesses and organizations, both local and national, to partner with us in supporting licensing CPMs. Works to diversify our support base. These missions will change and develop as we progress throughout the year.
Signing up is simple - click here

Ongoing Actions

Our Goals for 2015

Why Do We Need to Raise Money?:
We need funds to support our goals of making the midwifery model of care standard in Maryland and for supporting the costs of getting a CPM licensure bill passed in Maryland. Outreach and education are a large part of meeting those goals. Please visit our new crowdfunding site today to make your donation. We love donations in any size! Every dollar is essential to supporting our mission.

Be the change you wish to see. If a financial contribution in not currently doable, consider donating some time. Fan Fundraising is a simple and short way to make a big difference. We are looking for people to support us by reaching out to their networks. Please contact with questions or further instruction.

5 Things that you can do to help legalize CPMs in Maryland

  1. Sign the online petition.
  2. Join the Facebook community and post the petition link often.
  3. Like our Facebook page.
  4. Join the volunteer network and donate as little or as much time as you are able. There are projects for all talents and commitment levels. Click here to sign up.
  5. Donate $20 (or whatever fits your budget comfortably) via
    or by mailing to:
    PO Box 203
    Boonsboro, MD 21713-0203
    If 1000 people donate $20 each then we will be $20,000 closer to our goal.