Contact your MD state legislators in support of MFSB

Maryland Families for Safe Birth is committed to improving access to evidence-based, culturally sensitive, maternity care in all settings.  

Do you believe that all Maryland families should have:

  • Access to TOLAC (Trial of labor after Cesarean), VBAC (Vaginal birth after Cesarean), and other evidence-based birth options in all settings?
  • Increased access to birth centers?
  • Insurance coverage for birth regardless of their choice of provider or birth setting?
  • Insurance coverage for doulas?  (See the “What is a Midwife?” page for more information about the difference between a midwife and a doula.)
  • Informed consent and respect for all birth choices, including choice of provider, choice of location, and choice of procedures, interventions, or other aspects of care?
  • Respectful and culturally sensitive maternity care in all settings?

Here’s how you can get involved!

  • Contact your MD state legislators in support of MFSB and to let them know you agree with these priorities for safe birth options for all Maryland families. 
  • Join us for Lobby Day on January 22, 2019!  If you can’t attend, please plan to call, e-mail, and write letters. 
  • Support MFSB’s Cesarean Resolution:  MFSB will once again be introducing a resolution to address the unacceptably high Cesarean rate in Maryland.  Why is it important to lower the Cesarean rate? How is the high Cesarean rate in MD affecting our women and families? Has it affected you personally? Passing this resolution will open the door for future legislative efforts, as it is a formal recognition by the legislature that they are committed to action on this issue. Let’s make this happen!!! Read the full text of the 2018 Cesarean Resolution bill HERE, and watch for updates on the 2019 legislation coming soon!

With each new year and new legislative session, MFSB is continuing our work to improve birth options in Maryland.  For example, we will be working for regulatory changes that would remove some of the barriers for birth centers in Maryland.  The current regulations require that a physician be the medical director of a birth center.  It can be difficult to find a physician who wants this role, and in some cases can affect what type of services the birth center can offer.  This requirement also places financial strain on birth centers because the physician medical director is paid a fee for their role but does not contribute to the revenue of the center.  In addition, this model is an anomaly because CNMs in Maryland are not required to have physician oversight in any other practice setting.  There is precedent in other states for this change.

We are working now to craft legislation for the 2019 session and beyond.

Here are some resources for how to find your state legislators and some talking points for contacting them in support of MFSB:


MFSB handout for legislators Lobby Day 2017

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