About Us

Our Mission

To ensure the health and wellbeing of Maryland families by expanding access to the evidence-based maternity care provided by Certified Professional Midwives.
In order to meet our mission the organization will:

  • Introduce legislation to license CPMs
  • Monitor and deter legislation that would be detrimental to families and care providers who choose out-of-hospital birth
  • Support organizations who offer, through education and other means, information and advocacy regarding the midwifery model
    of care

Board of Directors

As we enter into fall and the new legislative season, we have several changes to our organizational structure we are excited to announce.
This legislative session we follow that effort with a new structure at the leadership level. After many years of tireless devotion to MFSB, Jeremy Galvan is stepping down as President. Jeremy's energy and expertise will be greatly missed, and we are happy to rest assured that he will continue to support MFSB in a more private capacity. In Jeremy's wake, MFSB has taken this opportunity to match Team MFSB by restructuring the Board into leadership roles more conducive to teamwork and collaboration. Our new Board will consist of:

Left to Right: Andrea Goldstein, Events Director; Kirra Brandon, Legislative Director; Celia Garcia Perez, Outreach Director; Kathy Talbott, President;

Kathy Talbott Kathy has moved into position as our new MFSB President. Kathy will now be getting more involved in the organization's legislative aspects and public presence. She believes that access to professional midwifery is a woman's issue and a human rights issue. She is happy to be a stay at home mom of three elementary school-aged children. Kathy has immersed herself in research and reading about pregnancy and childbirth. She believes that the Midwifery Model of Care best empowers women and families to make educated decisions regarding both their own health and the health of their unborn child. While she wished to have both of her births out-of-hospital, circumstances dictated differently. Having worked with CNMs, OB-GYNs, and CPMs, it is her belief that CPMs are the gold standard for evidence-based maternity care and that they must be made a legal alternative for all to consider.

Kirra Brandon Kirra Brandon is the new legislative chair of MFSB. Kirra has a BA in biology from Harvard University and received her MD from University of Maryland Medical School. She practices Pediatric Dermatology in Easton, Maryland. Kirra has three daughters. Her oldest child was born via c-section, and her younger two children were born at home with the assistance of CPMs. Having experienced hospital birth, homebirth in Texas (where CPMs are legal) and homebirth here in Maryland, Kirra is passionate about legalizing CPMs to improve access, give women choices in birth, and improve safety by integrating CPMs into the larger maternity care system in this state.

Celia Garcia Perez Celia is a homebirthed child and a home birth mom to one amazing daughter. She has served on the board of MFSB since 2013, currently as the Outreach Director focused on diversifying our member support base and widening our circle of professional and organizational support. Her background includes an undergraduate degree in Chicana and Chicano Studies and a graduate degree in Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs. Working with MFSB allows her the opportunity to tackle issues near and dear to her passion for human rights and gender, while being a full time mom. The freedom and right to birth with dignity is something she feels very strongly about. Additionally, she recently co-founded a grassroots Spanish immersion cooperative playschool for neighborhood pre-schoolers. She is looking forward to engaging more within her local community as well as the community of birth choice supporters.

Andrea Goldstein is stepping into Event Coordinating with the support from volunteer extraordinaire Valerie Campbell and Stacey Budd. She is a mother and birth worker. She gave birth to all three of her children in the tranquility and peace of her mountain home attended by her husband, midwife, friends, and family. She believes it is the right of the individual to choose where and how she gives birth. Andrea wants to honor, educate, and empower the people of Maryland about that choice.