Elections are just days away!
Does your representative support licensing certified professional midwives (CPMs)?

Below is a list of candidates for Maryland delegates and senators that support CPM licensure, arranged by district; house first, senate second. You can look up your district by going to We are continuing to reach out to the candidates. This list will be updated on our Facebook page at the end of the week, and again on the afternoon of November 3rd.

1C Mike McKay
2A Charles Bailey, Neil Parrott...
2B Brett Wilson
3A Karen Lewis Young
4 Kathy Afzali, Kelly Schulz, Gene Stanton
5 Susan Krebs, Justin Ready
6 Mike Weir, Robin Grammer
7 Rick Impalleria, Pat McDonough
9B Tom Coale
11 Dan Morhaim, Dana Stein
13 Frank Turner
14 Eric Luedtke, Craig Zucker
16 Ariana Kelly
18 Al Carr
19 Bonnie Cullison
20 Will Smith, Daniel Robinson
21 Joseline Pena-Melnyk
26 Kris Valerrama
27C Sue Kullen
29B Deb Rey
29C Tony O'Donnell
30A Herb McMillan, Genevieve Lindner
31A Terry DeGraw
31B Nicholaus Kipke
32 Pamela Beidle
33 Cathy Vitale
34A Glen Glass
37B Christopher Adams
38C Mary Beth Carozza
39 Kirill Reznik, Shane Robinson
40 Barbara Robinson
41 Nathaniel Oaks
42A Stephen Lafferty
43 Curt Anderson, Mary Washington
46 Joh Sedtal
47A Dianna Fennel

4 Dan Rupli
5 Joseph Getty
6 John Olszewski
13 Guy Guzzone
20 Jamie Raskin
26 Kelley Howells
28 Thomas Mac Middleton
30 Don Quinn
31 Bryan Simonaire
32 Larry Barber
46 Bill Ferguson

37B Johnny Mautz
46 Brooke Liermann
14 Karen Montgomery

Who Are Your Elected Officials?
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